Welded Wire FabricWire mesh are used largely as a base for ground slabs, pavements, box culverts and bottom mesh or post-tensioned floors. The Thai Industrial Standard taksin metal wire meshes are made are made to are TIS 737 for plain type and TIS 926 for deformed/ ribbed types
In addition, they are manufactured to the ASTM A185 standard (for plain type), ASTM A497 (for deformed/ ribbed types) and BS 4483. Specific requirement can be catered to customer's unique needs.     
Labour costs constitute a significant part of a project's construction costs. Taksin metal Welded Wire Mesh can cut a huge part of this cost by reducing placement time. Further, the deformed/ ribbed wire mesh increase bonding strength between concrete and the ribbed surfaces by up to three times that of ordinary smooth wire meshes. This leads to higher tolerance  and durability during construction.          

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